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Aetna Township Cemetery

The recorded Aetna Township Cemetery deeds start in July of 1896.  
Registry of death records start in November of 1909. 
 In 1903 by the vote of the people, $200.00 was raised for the Cemetery.  Clearing and stumping was done that year. 
 In 1907 lots and walks were lined up and a fence was built.  William Clark was the sexton.  The plot was signed and the
              price of lots was $8.00.  
In 1957 or 1958 the north five acres were purchased for enlargement of the cemetery. 
In 1958 Meta Latimer willed $2,000.00 to the township and it was used to build the vault at the cemetery.  
In 1969 the new storage building was erected. 
In 1972 the chemical toilets were added. 
In 1978 the road was build through the north section. 
In 1982 the north section was plotted out and the sale of lots in that area began.  
In 1986 they started clearing the north section.

​Records for the cemetery have been maintained by the Township clerk and unfortunately some of the early records were destroyed.  Currently the township has purchased a computer program that will allow the current clerk to computerize the data and make it easier to access.

      **  A cemetery lot contains 4 grave sites and costs  $300.00 for residents or property owners of Aetna Township and 
                                                                                        $800.00 for non-residents and non-property owners
          Single graves are available in a designated section of the cemetery at:
                                                              $75.00 per grave for Aetna residents and property owners
                                                              $200.00 per grave for non-Aetna residents or non property owners
          Lots with multiple graves are available throughout the cemetery.
      **  Summer (April 1 thru November 14) burial fees are: 
           Adults $375.00  Children (0 to 2)  $125.00 and Cremation $100.00
      **  Winter (November 15 thru March 31) burial fees:  
           All full burials are $1,000.00; Cremations $500.00. These rates are subject to the current weather and ground  
          conditions at the discretion of the township board.

Cemetery lots may be purchased at the township hall during office hours, or by calling the clerk at 231-856-4480 or Dee Barringer at her home 231-856-7091.

The Cemetery is located on the corner of West Jefferson and 190th,  1 mile west of Morley.