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Aetna Township is located in the southwest corner of Mecosta County. It is conveniently located 15 miles south of Big Rapids and 45 miles north of Grand Rapids. The major industry of the township is agricultural including crops, dairy, and lumber. The township includes approximately 2560 acres of the Manistee National Forest. The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park runs north through Aetna Township with access in the town of Morley. The Little Muskegon River runs west through the township with several access points for canoeing and fishing. The township is also in close proximity of several private, county, and state campgrounds and access to the Big Muskegon River and Hardy Dam.


  • Aetna Township was the eighth (8th) township to be organized in Mecosta County.

  • The first election was on October 10, 1865.

  • The first supervisor elected was Frederick Luther.

  • The first white settler was William Brockway who located in section 29.

  • The first school building was erected of logs in 1860.

  • The first store was opened by John Butler in 1869.

  • The first Post Office was also opened in Morley in 1869.

  • Early Population Growth

    • 1870: 385 residents

    • 1874: 557 residents

    • 1880: 894 residents

  • By 1882 the township has 1,221 acres of improved land.

  • The 2010 census revealed 2,229 residents in Aetna Township.

  • In 2020 the number of taxable parcels in the township was 1,400.